I am a big picture thinker. I am obsess build things from scratch in stories. I love to work in empathic, define, research, concept, design, prototype and test in iterate.



💨UX / UI / Product Designer, Creator, Artist, Photographer, Adventurer

🍋Pai Yu Hsuan – Known as Bai Pai 
📧bai@paiyuhsuan.com & ublvm.727@gmail.com

I am a creator focus on project design and concept development which based on physical interaction and cross platform. I am particularly interested in using various methods, materials and media to capture human behavior. I fell into social practice project in 2009, when I created a project called Jump%In-between to let people run-away with fantasy in Tainan. In 2012, I made another project, My Little Space, a social urban architecture in New York.

Architecture photography is another subject I would like to practice between physical space and people. For me, it is all about seeing, researching, interacting, communicating, documenting a place in images.

I am a designer, artist and photographer from Taiwan. I studied Digital Media at Pratt Institute and worked several projects, organizations, artists, curators from web, print, identity, video, production to management in New York. As a multi-award winning between photography and multimedia, my practice tends to stick into things in between. My projects have been exhibited in Queens Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Dumbo Arts Festival, Figment Art, National Taiwan Museum Of Fine Arts, and Kaohsiung Museum Of Fine Arts.



Missing New York in London 2017 – under construction

My Little Space 2012 – ongoing – A project since 2012. The mission to figure out how people think of and treat of the living space, the private space in the 21st century today.

Jump%In-between 2009 – A project that create a space down into a tiny alley. The mission to let people do anything they want in an illusion room.



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2015 Prix de la Photographie Paris ( PX3 ) Third Prize / Advertising – Professional
2009 Kaohsiung Awards Honorable Mentions / Photography
2008 13th International Biennial Honorable Mentions / Print
2007 BenQ Truth Purity and Grace Competition The Third Place / Mixed Media



2017 NASA Space App Challenge UX/UI Designer Local People’s Choice Winner 👉👉👉 🏆Fight for Global
2016 Weav Music Hack UX Designer 👉 Weav Run
2015 Facebook + InterTech UX Designer 🎖
2015 Food Hack Designer 🏆Three prize
2015 Hack Cancer Designer 



2017 Girls Only Dojo @ Thomson Reuters London
2016 London Design Festival London
2015 Beyond cof London
2013 – 2014 ISCP . Cutlog Art Fair . Idea City: New Museum New York



Tech . Art . Design . Architect . Interaction . Community . City . Culture. Philosophy . Learning . Reading . Workshop . Lecture . Movie . Music . Challenge . Risk . Talk . Everything . Ask questions . Always out of comfort zone




  • Finding a balance between my passion, work and life
  • Fighting for values
  • Have times for day dreaming and empty space