Video – My Little Space

I ask several questions to the interview people, the questions are all relative about home, space and living place in New York. The goal is trying to use questions and answers to define the contemporary living situation.


Video document. Interview. New York


Research Questions


Can you introduce yourself
-What is your name
-What are you doing
-Where are you come from

How many times you have move in your life?
Can you describe every moving time in your life?
-Why you move?
-How long you stay in each place?
-How long you stay in New York ( and other place?) / how long have you stay in New York?
-How long you stay in different place?( if you keep moving)
-Have you think about to stay in the same city after you finished your goal?

Where are you live now
-How long you live here
-Any reason to choose this location

-How many place you live in New York
-Where are those area
-What’s the difference between those places / what is it
-What’s the different part between here and your home
-What is the different part of “your home” between here and your parents home

How is the daily (normal) look like in your place
-How often you stay your home? / Are you stay a lot in your home
-Do you think you can call here “a home”? how about other place you stay before
-Where do you go when you want to be alone? why
-Where do you go when you want to feel safe

Roommate and couple
-What’s different between live with lover and roommate
-How do you deal with if one of you want to be alone (couple)
-What is the nice part when you share the space with other people ( how about not nice?)

How often you use share space?
-Which part (livingroom, kitchen, bathroom) you use more
-Is any part you like more? or stay there more
-When will you use kitchen
-When will you use bathroom? Livingroom
-How many furniture(things) you own in ( room, kithchen, living room…)
-Where is the furniture come from
-table come from?

What makes a home
-What does “home” mean to you
-What is the imagination for you about “home”
-What color do you think your home is

Will the meaning of home change due to the different city?
-What is the difference between New York and other place(about the communicate, people )
-Will you chose to stay with another roommate again

What is your dream space in New York?
How much you will willing to pay the rent in New York?
-Will it stop stop you to being in this city

About the project
-Why do you want to be part of the project
-What do you think about the project is
-Do you clean before I come


Short Intro